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Why do the Slayer products work so effectively on so many skin issues?

The DermaVine is the serious science behind the products. The alcohol does its job on the skins surface regarding germs, fungal and viral contaminants and is also the delivery vehicle for the DermaVine. The DermaVine is absorbed below surface skin level and does its job of enhancing the skins natural ability to repair itself. Plant based extracts have been used throughout human history for skin issues. Our unique formulae has proven to be very effective over the past 45 years on athletes foot to zits, and everything in between.

Won’t the alcohol dry out my skin?

Alcohol alone will dry out the skin. Alcohol with the DermaVine has the opposite effect. Read the many testimonials from folks suffering from dry, flaky skin, and bacterial, fungal issues.


Isopropyl Alcohol, Alcohol Dent., Water, CL42090, CL19140, DermaVine, our proprietary blend of plant-based extracts that enhance the skins natural ability to repair itself.

Everyone Loves Acne Slayer®


Whenever I start to breakout, I always rub Acne Slayer on the acne. It quickly goes away. This stuff really works!

Blemishes, Pimples

The product is amazing! In the past I have tried different prescriptions from doctors, and nothing has worked as quickly and effectively as Acne Slayer. I definitely recommend it.

Infant Acne

I use it to heal my baby’s infant acne and cradle cap. It’s AMAZING!
Mother of an infant

Rudolph Red Nose Pimple, random pimples

Over the past 12 years I suffered from a very painful pimple that always formed on the tip of my nose or inside the end of my nose. This happened 3 to 5 times per year. After spending thousands of dollars with doctors, prescriptions, probiotics, NOTHING worked. I was desperate and embarrassed. I Googled the issue and found out it’s called “Rudolph Red Nose Pimple”…NO CURE. Very Depressing and embarrassing. I have been using Acne Slayer for 16 months now, NO Rudolph Pimple. It has also cured pimple breakouts on my neck, shoulders and chest when I do landscape work in the hot Texas summer, sweating profusely. The stuff is amazing!
retired business owner

Eczema, Pimples

My two sons have used Acne Slayer for infrequent spells of pimples and eczema flare-ups for the past 5 years. They both got assigned to South America where their skin had increased breakouts from the change in climate {i.e. temperature, air pollution, extreme humidity.} Both sent me urgent messages….” Please send Acne Slayer ASAP…. nothing here works as well.”


My 14-year-old son had persistent minor acne. As a medical doctor I have unlimited access to multiple products, none were effective. My husband bought Acne Slayer and we tried it. The product cleared up the acne in 3 days. To say that I was amazed is an understatement. My son uses it daily, no more pimples.


Studying “Esthiology” to become a skin expert. I experience infrequent pimples, have used Acne Slayer and it destroys the zits rapidly. Amazing results and simple to use.
20 years old, high level volleyball player & tennis instructor


As a sports enthusiast and in Army field training, I experienced minor acne breakouts. My dad sent me Acne Slayer and to my amazement it eliminated the pimples. It is easy to use and portable. A very important factor for a field officer that faces ever changing locations and living conditions.
22 yrs. old Class A volleyball player, recent graduate from West Point


In my business, personal appearance is important. I have been using Acne Slayer for 2 years to keep my acne in check. I use it as an aftershave “splash” every day. Cannot be without the product.
28-year-old Real Estate agent

Diabetic Acne

Diagnosed as a diabetic with recurring Diabetic Acne. I have been using Acne Slayer on the persistent problem with great results. As the pimples start to develop the Slayer eliminates them over a short period time. My skin goes back to normal, smooth. I plan to start using it every day now that I know that it heals my problem, plus its very affordable.
57 yrs. old


I have been using the original formulae Acne Slayer for years to cure my acne breakouts. My skin is very oily plus I am in the moving business, sweating profusely in dusty /dirty working conditions. The stuff has kept me pimple free for years and is super easy for a guy to use.
48 years old Business Owner


I had a ZIT, Ohhh how I hate Zits. I never get more than one or two at a time and not very often. During school testing I got one, so I thought let’s give it a try. It burned when I applied it but didn’t last long. The Slayer dried up the Zit and shortened the healing days.


Been using the Original formulae for 5 years to combat pimple breakouts on my forehead, just below the hairline. Absolute life saver!
wife, martial arts enthusiast, former high school runner, super active sports person, 22 yrs. old


I have Rosacea and am frustrated by the fact that the $140. tube of prescription medicine I have been using is doing nothing to help the situation. Well, I put a little Slayer on my face in the appropriate places and by morning there was a notable difference. A week later and there is NO evidence of the Rosacea. My only regret is that I didn’t try it earlier.


I have had zits since I was 12 and they really bother me. I hate them. Mom had spent a lot of money on doctors and creams and pills – nothing worked. I tried Acne Slayer and I was smiling big in a couple of weeks. I use it at least every other day if not every day – I just put a little on a cotton ball or Kleenex and wipe it on in the morning before school and when I go to bed. It works very well and Mom says it is a lot cheaper than doctor visits and medicine from the doctor.
15 years old

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