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Acne Slayer® & Skin Performance Slayer® are liquid-based formulas that include Isopropyl Alcohol, Alcohol Dent., Water, CL42090, CL19140, DermaVine®, our proprietary blend of plant-based extracts and oils that enhance the skin’s natural ability to repair itself.

DermaVine® is the proprietary blend of plant based extracts that makes Acne Slayer® effective. Components like lemon peel oil, willow bark extract, and cinnamonum extract… have been nature’s solution in many cultures for centuries to exfoliate damaged skin cells, rejuvenate healthy cell reproduction, and eliminate fungal, bacterial, and viral contaminants. DermaVine® penetrates quickly and works safely at helping the skin return to natural health. DermaVine® provides the following benefits for the skin:
  • Exfoliation – rapid sloughing off of dead, damaged skin cells
  • Regeneration – the reproduction of new skin cells is accelerated
  • Increased blood flow to the area of application
  • Antifungal
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral
  • Analgesic – relief from pain

Acne Slayer® & Skin Performance Slayer® works fast! In most cases, improvement will be seen with just a few applications. Body chemistries are different, so for some, results are immediate while others may take a few days to see notice results.

For best results, use daily as part of a healthy skincare routine. For specific ailments, we recommend 7-10 days of use to make sure problems are properly eliminated. Itching, pain, irritation relief happens within seconds of application.

When used twice daily as part of healthy skincare routine, a bottle should last about 30-45 days.

Acne Slayer® & Skin Performance Slayer® is a fast absorbing liquid that goes to work at the skin cell-level immediately. To help understand the effectiveness of the liquid application, think about a time you have been really thirsty… thirsty enough to feel dehydrated and needing refreshment right now! Did you run to the refrigerator and pull out the mayonnaise and drink it? Probably not! Our cells need liquids for the fastest hydration and refreshment. Yet when we have skin problems, the available solutions are lotions, creams, salves, and powders that mostly sit on top of the skin and cannot absorb quickly enough to be truly effective. Slopping these solutions on your skin is like trying to hydrate yourself after a marathon by drinking a quart jar of mayonnaise! You will be amazed by how Acne Slayer® & Skin Performance Slayer® absorbs into the skin, how refreshing it feels as it quickly hydrates, and how fast your skin issues are resolved.
In most cases, your order will ship within 72 hours.
Acne Slayer® & Skin Performance Slayer® is found in select Pharmacies, Health Stores, and Retailers. Ask your Rx if they carry Acne Slayer® & Skin Performance Slayer®

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