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Why do the Slayer products work so effectively on so many skin issues?

The DermaVine is the serious science behind the products. The alcohol does its job on the skins surface regarding germs, fungal and viral contaminants and is also the delivery vehicle for the DermaVine. The DermaVine is absorbed below surface skin level and does its job of enhancing the skins natural ability to repair itself. Plant based extracts have been used throughout human history for skin issues. Our unique formulae has proven to be very effective over the past 45 years on athletes foot to zits, and everything in between.

Won’t the alcohol dry out my skin?

Alcohol alone will dry out the skin. Alcohol with the DermaVine has the opposite effect. Read the many testimonials from folks suffering from dry, flaky skin, and bacterial, fungal issues.


Isopropyl Alcohol, Alcohol Dent., Water, CL42090, CL19140, DermaVine, our proprietary blend of plant-based extracts that enhance the skins natural ability to repair itself.

Everyone Loves Acne Slayer®


Whenever I start to breakout, I always rub Acne Slayer on the acne. It quickly goes away. This stuff really works!

Blemishes, Pimples

The product is amazing! In the past I have tried different prescriptions from doctors, and nothing has worked as quickly and effectively as Acne Slayer. I definitely recommend it.

Infant Acne

I use it to heal my baby’s infant acne and cradle cap. It’s AMAZING!
Mother of an infant

Rudolph Red Nose Pimple, random pimples

Over the past 12 years I suffered from a very painful pimple that always formed on the tip of my nose or inside the end of my nose. This happened 3 to 5 times per year. After spending thousands of dollars with doctors, prescriptions, probiotics, NOTHING worked. I was desperate and embarrassed. I Googled the issue and found out it’s called “Rudolph Red Nose Pimple”…NO CURE. Very Depressing and embarrassing. I have been using Acne Slayer for 16 months now, NO Rudolph Pimple. It has also cured pimple breakouts on my neck, shoulders and chest when I do landscape work in the hot Texas summer, sweating profusely. The stuff is amazing!
retired business owner

Eczema, Pimples

My two sons have used Acne Slayer for infrequent spells of pimples and eczema flare-ups for the past 5 years. They both got assigned to South America where their skin had increased breakouts from the change in climate {i.e. temperature, air pollution, extreme humidity.} Both sent me urgent messages….” Please send Acne Slayer ASAP…. nothing here works as well.”


My 14-year-old son had persistent minor acne. As a medical doctor I have unlimited access to multiple products, none were effective. My husband bought Acne Slayer and we tried it. The product cleared up the acne in 3 days. To say that I was amazed is an understatement. My son uses it daily, no more pimples.

Everyone Loves Skin Performance Slayer®


As a wrestling coach in the Public-School System, we have persistent problems with fungus, infections being transmitted from wrestler to wrestler. I got ringworm infection on my face. Incredibly, Skin Performance Slayer eliminated the infection in 2 days. I highly recommend the product for all athletes and coaches that perform in this type of environment.

Tennis Toe bleeding sores

Extremely focused, avid tennis buff: Spending so many hours on the hot tennis court every day has really damaged my feet. I often stop the matches mid-way so I can change out the bandages and tape between my toes. My husband’s friend gave me a bottle of Skin Performance Slayer to see if it could end my misery. It took a while of 3X per day application, NO more bandages or stopping the match to repair my feet. AMAZED and now I can focus on my game rather than my feet.
58 yrs. old


My 7-year-old granddaughter had very large and painful warts grow on her toe. It was so painful she could not wear a sock. We tried every possible product to cure the warts, but nothing worked. After soaking the warts 2X per day for 3days they began to dry up. After 5 days the skin was smooth, healed, the ugly warts gone. We sent pics of this incredible “miracle”.

Athletes Foot, Fungus

I have personally been using Skin Performance Slayer to fight athletes foot fungus, matt burns, rashes and other issues we face daily in our sweaty, contact sport environment. Skin Performance Slayer has been so effect eliminating my skin issues I have made it available to my students. Member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
Martial Arts Instructor

Tinea, Contact Dermatitis

I have had a problem for years with Athletes Foot, Tinea, Contact Dermatitis. I tried everything every doctor recommended, and nothing worked. After 2 weeks I can truthfully say that ALL my problems are under control and well on the way to being eliminated. Its simple to apply, and except for a slight burning sensation for just a few seconds, my skin is in better shape now than it has been in years.

Body Odor

I have suffered from “body odor “my entire life. I tried every product in the market that advertised that it would solve my unusual problem. I stumbled upon Skin Performance Slayer and it came to my rescue. The only product that worked. After my morning shower I spray on Slayer. I am living free from my dreaded condition and enjoy being around people with no fear of embarrassment.

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